Los Angeles County, CA Contract Lawyers

Los Angeles County Contract Lawyers

Think back to when you were still in school, and your teacher instructed you to find another student to partner up with for a class assignment. Did you choose a student who often fell asleep, failed to do their homework, and whose grades were less than average? Of course not! You likely chose a partner who you could trust to do their share of the work, and do it well. Partnerships matter, and since any contract you sign on behalf of your business signifies a partnership, it is especially crucial that you have the guidance and support of a skilled contract attorney helping you navigate the intricacies of your contracts. 

At Zecca Ross & Smith, our team has a combined two decades of legal experience and has played a part in countless businesses operating at a higher level of efficiency. Call our Los Angeles County contract lawyers today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can serve you!

Los Angeles County, CA Contract Lawyer

We Are Skilled In The Elements Of Contract Law, Such As…

Contract Review

Having a knowledgeable attorney review any contracts you are considering entering into before you sign them can ensure that the agreement serves your best interests, complies with applicable laws, mitigates risk, and prevents unintended consequences from damaging the business. Contract review can save you and your company from threats such as legal disputes and financial losses. 

Contract Drafting

In addition, our experienced Los Angeles County contract lawyers can draft contracts on behalf of you and your business that will accomplish the objectives you seek and prevent complications from arising during the life of the agreement. We discuss your goals with you extensively so that we have a clear understanding of your vision and use precise language within your agreement that minimizes ambiguity and protects your interests. 

Contract Negotiation

Negotiation is another integral proficiency when it seems that the parties cannot come to an agreement on the terms of a contract. It becomes necessary to seek sound legal counsel which can propose solutions, alternatives, and compromises from an objective perspective. 

We Assist With A Variety Of Types Of Contracts, Including…

Commercial Contracts

These types of contracts detail the legally binding agreements, terms, and conditions that govern a business relationship between two or more parties. You should be sure that any commercial contract you sign on behalf of your business serves to protect your interests and provide a clear framework for how all parties will conduct business together. Some examples of commercial contracts include shareholders agreements, supply agreements, franchise agreements, vendor contracts, and more.

Employment Contracts

These agreements are made between a business entity and its employees, and serve to formalize the expectations, rights, and responsibilities that both parties should uphold throughout the duration of their relationship. Some examples include full-time contracts, part-time contracts, casual contracts, union contracts, and more. 

Real Estate Contracts 

We are also well-practiced in real estate contracts, which outline the lease, purchase, sale, or management of commercial properties. These types of contracts often play a part in reflecting a company’s image and reputation since they pertain to the physical space where business is conducted, so having the guidance of our seasoned Los Angeles County contract lawyers can provide an advantage that yields more desirable results. Real estate contracts include purchase agreements, lease agreements, contracts for deeds, and more. 

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Don’t put yourself and your business in a dire position by partnering with others who cannot or will not uphold their end of the agreement! Zecca Ross & Smith can give you peace of mind that the contracts you sign will bring the results you intended and protect you from detrimental legal disputes. Call today and allow us to apply our exceptional level of service to meeting your needs!

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