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Owning a business is not for the faint of heart. While there are many benefits to being a CEO, the pitfalls should never be ignored. When things go wrong, it’s you on the chopping block. You must be sure that you are covering your bases, or else the consequences could be detrimental to your brand and growth. One of the most important aspects of running a business is maintaining a close eye on your state and federal tax outlook. For most people, taxes are only something they need to be concerned with once a year, but for a business owner, it is imperative to pay close attention to your taxes year-round, especially when it comes to tax planning, tax compliance, international taxes, and tax incentives. At Zecca Ross & Smith Law Firm P.C., we have over 20 years of corporate tax experience and other legal issues that businesses face. Call today to schedule your free consultation with our San Diego County tax lawyers and learn more about our services!

Our Tax Services

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning allows you to manage and minimize your liabilities while remaining compliant with state and federal law. By carefully analyzing your finances and locating areas where tax-saving strategies could be implemented, our San Diego County tax lawyers can increase your firm’s cash flow, enhance profits, and create opportunities for growth. Some aspects of our tax planning services include:

  • Reviewing your entity structure and determining if another may be more tax-efficient 
  • Shifting income 
  • Modifying the timing of income and expenses 
  • Reviewing or modifying transfer pricing
  • Strategizing the use of tax losses
  • Investment planning
  • And more

Tax Compliance

Federal and state tax laws are constantly changing, especially in California. You need an attorney on your side who is knowledgeable of current laws and is continuously educating themselves on the revisions and alterations that affect you and your business. In addition, our firm will work with you to create a procedure that ensures your business will remain compliant, that may include:

  • Retaining records of all licenses, agreements, bank statements, earnings reports, and payroll information
  • Keeping precise and up-to-date records on all transactions, earnings, and financial dealings
  • Maintaining copies of company bylaws and operating agreements
  • Keeping records and minutes of meetings
  • Keeping record of membership interest transfers and shares
  • And more

Tax Incentives And Credits

Another crucial aspect of running a business is seeking out the tax incentives and credits you should be taking advantage of. Our San Diego County tax lawyers remain cognizant of current incentives as well as any new ones that could be applicable to you and your business. Some of the most common incentives and credits available to business owners right now are:

  • Research and Development (R&D) tax credits
  • Investment tax credits
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • New jobs tax credit
  • Renewable energy tax credits
  • Energy-efficiency tax incentives

And More!

Consequences Of Ignoring Tax Implications

Failure to address tax-related matters pertaining to your business can lead to devastating consequences, such as financial losses, legal issues, and damage to your brand and reputation. If you do not invest your time and money into legal services now, you may end up paying the price later, as your tax liability is increased due to negligence. Non-compliance with federal and state tax laws often leads to penalties, fines, and interest charges. In addition, having a history of non-compliance could cause the IRS to get involved and conduct an audit or investigation into your business. In order to preserve the life of your business and ensure growth, it is imperative that you secure quality and experienced legal guidance that will handle your tax-related matters with great consideration. 

Trust Our San Diego County Tax Lawyers To Ease The Burden Of Your Tax Liability

You have a nearly endless amount of responsibilities as a business owner; let us lighten your load. Our attorneys have over 20 years of legal experience in tax and corporate law, and are well-versed in federal tax laws, as well as California state tax laws. We continue to educate ourselves in the latest business strategies and methods that are proven to benefit companies and will assist you in executing them. Call today to request a free consultation and learn more about how our firm can help your business flourish.

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